RECRUITING:  finding the right talent and preparing them to the right employee

We can help identify the right people for your business – people who can move the company forward, and who are a positive influence on the organization.  BBSI offers recruiting services to ensure that employers are supported by the best possible hires.  You choose the type of recruiting service that best meets your needs.

We can customize our process to best fit your business needs.  Terms can be set at 30, 60, or 90 days.  Our recruiting services include:

·         Recruiting, interviewing, screening candidates
·         Pre-employment drug screening
·         Criminal Background Check
·         Social Security Verification
·         Industrial Essential Functions Assessment
·         BBSI and Job Specific Safety Orientation
·         Payroll Administration
BBSI temporary employees are paid on a weekly basis.  Invoices are issued weekly and payable upon receipt.  BBSI bears all of the normal payroll costs for all of our employees.  We are the legal employer and are responsible for all Federal, State and local tax deductions, and insurance.

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Direct Hire
With a Direct Hire, the employee is yours from the beginning.  With positions requiring more education and experience, the direct hire option is often a great choice.  This allows the employee to be on your payroll from the very start, making benefit transition easier and giving this high level employee the security of being on your team starting on their first day.

Our services includes all activities related to advertising, recruiting, interviewing, screening, testing, and pre-selecting candidates. No fee is payable unless a suitable candidate is hired and begins employment. This is the only fee you will pay for each direct hire. Other fees, including but not limited to advertising and job fairs, will be paid by BBSI directly and not passed on to the business owner.  BBSI provides a 90-day guarantee with each candidate as outlined below. Should the employee leave within the first 90 calendar days, provided the reason for termination of employment is not due to restructuring of the job description, lay-off, or redeployment caused by the business or a violation of any State or Federal law by the contracting business or its employees or agents, BBSI will issue a refund.  This is a fantastic option for higher level positions where benefits and other

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