• Holiday Safety Topic

    Holiday Health and Safety Tips The holidays are a time to celebrate, give thanks, and reflect. They are also a time to pay special attention to your health. Give the gift of health and safety to yourself and others by following these holiday tips. Wash your hands often. Keeping hands clean is one of the […]

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  • June Safety Topic

    Emergency Action/Response Plan Introduction: Emergency Action/Response Plans are required by OSHA so that workers on a jobsite know how to safely react to serious emergency situations. This plan is designed for the safety and well-being of employees and it is important that all personnel involved in such an event understand their area of responsibility during […]

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  • May Safety Topic

    Beat the Heat Introduction: Long, hot summer workdays are here again. In order to work effectively in these conditions, certain precautions must be taken. Over-exposure to high temperature and humidity levels during prolonged physical exertion may result in heat disorders such as Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, or Heat Stroke. Common sense and thoughtful scheduling is […]

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  • April Safety Topic

    Lockout/Blockout/Tagout Introduction: Failure to Lockout/Blockout machinery and equipment before working on it is a major cause of serious injury. Lockout/Blockout means that any energy source – whether electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, compressed air, or any other source that might cause unexpected movement – must be disengaged or blocked, and electrical sources must be de-energized and “LOCKED” […]

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  • March Safety Topic

    Eye and Face Protection Introduction: Every year, thousands of workers injure their eyes or lose their sight; not because proper protection wasn’t available, but because they chose not to use it. The Federal OSHA regulation states: “Employees shall be provided with eye and face protection when machines or operations present potential eye or face injury […]

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  • February Safety Topic

    Bloodborne Pathogens Introduction: A Pathogen is any microscopic organism, specifically a bacteria, germ, virus, or parasite that is able to cause disease in a human being. The term Blood Borne infers being contained or carried in blood or blood-contaminated material. OSHA Standards require that all employees be trained in the recognition and measures to avoid […]

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  • January Safety Topic

    January 2017 Back Injury Prevention Introduction: Proper lifting techniques are paramount to preventing back injuries in the workplace. OSHA reports that every year thousands of employees needlessly injure themselves due to improper back injury prevention. Back injury is one of the most common injuries on the job-site. Ironically, back injuries are also one of the […]

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  • December Safety Topic

    Fire Extinguisher Use  Introduction: OSHA requires that fire prevention and protection be provided at the workplace. OSHA regulations state that “Where the employer has provided portable fire extinguishers for employee use in the workplace, the employer shall also provide an educational program to familiarize employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the […]

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  • September Safety Topic

    Hazard Communication (The Right to Know) Introduction: The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is based on a simple concept – that employees have a right to know about the hazards of the chemicals they are exposed to when working. They also need to know what protective measures are available to prevent adverse effects from occurring. OSHA […]

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  • August Safety Topic

    Good Housekeeping Introduction: Good housekeeping will not only promote a safer more efficient work environment, it is also required by OSHA. We are constantly looking for ways to work better and faster. One way we can save time is by keeping a clean and orderly work area. Good housekeeping practices will save time and help […]

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